Grand Knight’s Message

Brother Knights & Sister Columbiettes,

As I return for a 6th year as your Grand Knight, again I would like to thank everyone for the nomination, trust & confidence to continue to be your Grand Knight in leading Cavallaro Council in the future. I hope that everyone has a wonderful and healthy summer.

I would also like to congratulate the new officers, officers moving into new positions and officers that are keeping the position that they are in.

As I constantly state, going into the new Columbian Year, we need to focus on getting new members to join and try to get our own members active again so we can continue to do what the Cavallaro Council does for the Parish and Community.

In the future look for membership drives, fundraisers, Holy Rosary sessions and new events that we need to come up with.

Remember to support your Council and Church and look back at why you joined the largest Catholic organization in the world. If we didn’t have you as a member, we would NOT have Cavallaro Council.

Thank you again my brothers and sisters.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas or just to talk anytime.

S.K. Mike A. Nuccio
Grand Knight