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My Brother Knights

As we begin our new fraternal year, August is a slow month, but it leads in to September where all the events and business of the council gets going. You joined the Knights of Columbus for a reason, yet you are not attending meetings and getting involved in order to keep your council thriving. Every meeting consists of the officers and a 4 or 5 members. This is not how a council thrives. Councils thrive when members get involved and work towards making their council bigger and better. It’s not hard. The PGKs and more seasoned members are always there to lend a hand and guide you in whatever task you chose to undertake. But that can’t happen unless we get you to the meetings. Eight years ago, Cavallaro celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary. In seven years, it will be our 75th Anniversary. I, for one, would like to see it as successful as the 50th, but we need YOU to get involved now to start preparing for it. Seven years goes by quickly.

Bob Vezzuso, PGK, FS