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My Brother Knights

As we come to a close of the fraternal year we have to ask ourselves; Have we done all that we could to support our council and keep it growing? Our roster is decreasing instead of increasing. We lost one of our founding members in passing and 4 members were suspended due to non-payment of dues. We need to put more energy in to recruitment. We talk about what we should do at the meetings, but once we are out the door, it’s forgotten until the next meeting. Our council will not survive at this rate. To all the new members (I say new but I mean any member who joined the last 10 years), please tap in to your social contacts and weed out a few that you feel are worthy of joining our great order and who are willing to help in the charitable events we are involved in, and to come up with new ideas to generate more activity amongst the members, both young and old.

Bob Vezzuso, PGK, FS