Knight Alert notices have been mailed in mid February to those members who have not paid their dues. As of the writing of this newsletter, Intend to Suspend notices are being prepared for those members who are still delinquent. If you have not yet paid your dues, please do so ASAP. If you have already paid, as you meet a member-friend, ask them if they are up to date with their dues. Sometimes a vocal reminder from a friend goes further than the notices. Once the Intent to Suspend notices are mailed, if dues are not paid promptly, the final step is suspension from the order (which includes the 4th Degree if you are a member there also). About 20% of the membership have not paid yet. Every member is important to a council and the order. As the order grows, our voice gets louder in protecting religious freedoms. As always, if you have difficulty in paying your dues, please call me. Something can always be worked out and all conversations will be kept confidential.

Bob Vezzuso, PGK, FS