Brother Knights,

After many months of stressing how Cavallaro Council needs more bonding teams, it hasn’t proceeded in the direction that I would have liked to have seen. Many members have not come back to help with our future strategy planning. As I mentioned in my prior messages, this is not a one man job. The council needs to hear your voice. The council is aware that Knights of Columbus information is on the internet, but it would be greater to ensure better face to face communication to attract new members. Many councils are now doing membership drives and I would like to see our council be part of that Kings County collaboration especially when we are “Called for Action” getting participants to do something. I would like to see Cavallaro Council be in the action planning again, but I need all to be involved. April 22, 2018 will be Cavallaro 58th Annual Dinner Dance honoring a gentleman from Saint Athanasius Church. My hope is that many of you will attend this event to show our Council, Sir Knights and Brothers support for our honoree and to his family and friends. Tickets are now available for purchases at $85.00 Per Person.

Please contact me: G.K. Ed McGibbon – cell 917-9523583 or S.K. Chris La Salle, Ticket Chairman – cell 718-223-0137. You all have received the Annual Dinner Dance Ad application. Please complete and submit them as soon as possible to S.K. Carl Bartolotti or S.K. Robert Vezzuso. The journal Ad’s are the Council’s only fund raising to continue with our ongoing charitable mission work for the next year. Please make every effort to keep the many young adults who lost their lives, at the Stoneman Douglas School in Florida especially the parents and families during the difficult hours of mourning in your prayers. Please mark your calendar that our next Officers Meeting will take place March 6th 2018 at 7:30pm at the council. The General meeting will take place March 13th 2018 at 7:30pm. Please make every effort to attend and please help with the sale of the Palm Crosses at both Saint Athanasius and Saint Dominick’s Please contact S.K. Mike Nuccio – for more information where your help, is most needed. Wishing you all a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and Saint Joseph Day as well.

SK Ed Mc Gibbon
Grand Knight