Brother Knights,

June is a very important month of year for the council and that is selecting and electing officers for 2018/2019. The council still has a few more activities to complete before July 2018 in planning the new Columbian year. June 3rd will be a combined Grand Knight Appreciation and Award Brunch after the 10 AM Mass at Saint Athanasius followed by a reception at the council. Plans will soon be underway for the Heart Share Children’s Picnic in July. The council always looks to brothers to offer and supporting this event. Please look for a blast email with information relating to the Picnic. I have been trying to find better ways to serve our council. I am sure many of you have been following my monthly messages. We do have a website, but does not speak or answer any questions. We need better resources and your help would be most appreciative to participate in membership drives. All K.C. councils are trying to attract new members to keep the oath of our mission statement to continue to grow. The council has many mentors than can guide us all with many challenges and rewards. In the remaining year of 2018 next month preparing the 2019 you will see more events and activities among the council.

I would appreciate if you could join us and help prepare our remaining 2018 -2019 Columbian year calendar; all ideas from you would be most welcomed and appreciated as this keep you connected with the council. You took the oath to be part of the Knights of Columbus Father Michael McGivney left us all with his vision to Brother Knights to keep his milestone to continue to grow. Officers Meeting will be held on June 5th 7:30 pm, General Meeting June 12th 7:30 pm.

Wishing all Brother Knights a Happy Father’s Day.

SK Ed Mc Gibbon
Grand Knight