Brother Knights,

Hope everyone had a great summer. Soon the air will get crisp and evenings begin to get cooler as the council will begin its new Columbian year. I am looking forward to spending another year and hope many of you will return to be a part of our plan setting goals. Advocacy is one of the most important tool functions of the council. It helps define our mission and goals and provides us direction on our advocacy issues. This is what the council does routinely and successfully, but frankly we need your help.

I would like to bring you all up to speed on our most recent event and future events. July 28th 2018 Cavallaro council had its annual children’s picnic which was a success thanks to reasonable weather. I would like to thank the follow Brother Knights for their participation, Chairperson S.K PGK Carl Bartolotti, S.K PGK John V. Arcate, S.K Anthony Bianco, S.K Daniel Kelly, S.K Dea. Bill Kelly, S.K PGK Jim La Salle, S.K Chris LaSalle, S.K Jerry Mandaro, S.K Vinny Nerone, S.K PGK Bob Toigo and Columbiette Financial Secretary Joann Toigo and S.K. PGK Bob Vezzuso for well-done job.

Please take note there will no “General Meeting” on Tuesday September 11, 2018, but I would appreciate all Brother Knights and Sister Columbiettes to attend the 9-11 Memorial Mass at Saint Athanasius Church at 7:30 pm as we always pay tribute to our piece of the Twin Towers 9-11 steel in the convent yard.

Sunday September 23rd 2018, Saint Athanasius will hold  Ministry Sunday allowing all groups to place their tables on  Bay Parkway in front of the church from the 8:30 am Mass to the 11:30:am mass. Cavallaro council will host a table on behalf of the Knights of Columbus and the Columbiette will also host a table as well. This will be a good way to publicize awareness that our council is part of Saint Athanasius. This is a good way to attract new members for both Knights and Columbiettes. Brother Knight and Sister Columbiettes, your participation would be most appreciative to attend this Ministry Sunday.

Officers Meeting will take place on September 4th 2018 and all are welcome.

SK Ed McGibbon
Grand Knight